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Pastor Julius Noble
1John 2:1-2 05-24-15
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We learn that John wrote this letter to help protect against false teachings about Jesus. We look at the devastating consequence of God's final judgment at Jesus second coming and realize the need for us to see God's judgment through the lens of God's light. We conclude that we should look at and move in the direction of God's light so that we can correctly see all things!

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Congregation prayer request
by Brigida Noble Young Philippians 4:6
The congregation is prayed for.

Walking and Abiding In Christ
by Pastor Julius Noble 1 John 1:1-10
We learn the reason that John wrote this scripture, was to refute wrong teachings about Jesus and sin. We also discover that God's light exposes sin and a need to confess our sin. We learn that we must abide in Christ repeatedly until finally we are transformed to where Christ is inside of us.


We are not alone
by Towanda Noble isaah 41:10
This mothers day message affirms all mothers whoever they are and it also affirms anyone that had a bad mother, that God knows who you are.

Mothers day testimonies
by Family fellowship Outreach Congregation Psalm 26:7
congregation testifies about mothers on mothers day.


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