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Pastor Julius Noble
Job 1:1-5 08-30-15
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After Job suffers the death of his children, and loses his possesions and his health, we see him curse the day of his birth, before we learn of God's process that enables him to continue on.

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The Adjustments Of God
by Pastor Julius Noble Genesis 21:1-7
We look at family conflict that developes after Abraham has a son with Sarah 14 years after having a son with Hagar, which turns into a family conflict.

The Good Crop of God
by Pastor Julius Noble matthew 13:24-30
We examine Jesus' parable of the wheat & tares and discover that God sometimes blesses people of the world because of their relationship with the people of God and we also learn that the judgment of God is eventually going to come.


Keeping Silent
by Pastor Julius Noble Joshua 6:10
We learn the reason that Joshua told the people to remain silent while they marched around Jericho and we look at how Jesus chose to remain silent about the sin of a woman caught in sin.

Testimony of J. Noble 3rd a new follower of Christ
by J. Noble III New Follower in Christ 2Corinthians 5:17
Julius gives his testimony of how God spoke to him thru a police officer in the state of Nebraska and after getting shot in a robbery in Chicago.


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