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Pastor Julius Noble
Mark 8:31-33 04-20-14
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Jesus reveals to His disciples that He will soon have to die. Afterwards truth about how Jesus' death was prophecied and what it accomplished is examined. Finally we are challenged to accept or reject Jesus just as the criminals who were also on the cross next to Him had to do.

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Seeking to have an unbroken relationship with God
by Pastor Julius Noble 2Kings 20:1-3
The lives of Eli the priest of Shiloh and Hezekiah the king of Judah are examined to reveal that blessings come to those who are obedient to God.

by Towanda Noble Smith Luke 11:1-10
Jesus teaches his disciples about prayer thru a story about a pushy neighbor who visits during the late night.


The coming dominion
by Pastor Julius Noble Genesis 1:26- 31
God's relationship with man is examined from the sixth day of creation through the start of eternity at the end of time in revelation. We learn who will get to live in God's new kingdom and experience true dominion living.

A second wind for faith
by Pastor Julius Noble 1Kings 17:17-20
A mother's faith is challenged when her only son dies, and she suspects that his death is because of her past sin. God's process of removing our guilt and condemnation is covered in this message.


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