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Pastor Julius Noble
Luke 18:9-12 07-17-16
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We learn what sin is and the power that God gives us over sin.

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Blessing Those Who Are Hard To Bless
by Pastor Julius Noble 1Samuel 25:2- 8
After seeing Abigail save her husband Nabal, we are also challenged to help difficult people who may be in our lives.

Be Happy, Glad and Excited
by Towanda Noble Psalm 118:24
We learn that every day is a day that the Lord has made and why we should rejoice in it.


Giving God your all
by Pastor Julius Noble Mark 12:41-44
Jesus points out that the offering that was given by a poor widow -was worth more in the eyes of God than the offerings that were given by several rich men.

Maintaining Righteousness
by Pastor Julius Noble Genesis 6:1-8
We look at how Noah was blessed and protected because of his stand for righteousness. And we examine how Stephen and John the Baptist lost their lives because of their stand for righteousness.


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