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Pastor Julius Noble
Matthew 1:18-21 12-14-14
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We look at Mary's pregnancy with Jesus thru the eyes of Joseph her fiance, and we see God bless Joseph and his family in both seen & unseen ways because of his obedience to God. WE learn that some people never see a big move of God in their life because of their refusal to obey God.

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Make Room For Jesus
by Towanda Noble Smith Lukle 2:1-12
Joseph and Mary were not given a room in the Inn because there was no room for them. In the same way people today refuse to allow Jesus entry into their Heart because there is no room for Him in their heart.

Congregation prayer led by Brigida Noble Young
by Congregation Prayer
Brigida Noble Young prays for prayer request


Congregation Prayer Request
by Brigida Noble Young
The prayer needs of the church congregation are prayed for.

God's faithfulness Never Ends
by Pastor Julius Noble Genesis 19:30-32
We examine the history of the Ammonite & Moabite people that began with an incestuous act between Lot and his daughters. We witness God's generous mercy that was given to these descendants before they finally were judged by God.


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