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Pastor Julius Noble
Job 35:1-8 11-22-15
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Job is accused of not being real with God by Elihu a young advisor. We see a conflict as it is revealed that Elihu is right about God and wrong about Job. Because of problems that had happened in Job's life it was revealed that he needed to hear from God.

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Facing Crisis Pt.9,Talking to and hearing from God
by Pastor Julius Noble Job 34:1-9
Job is accused of being wicked because of his insistence to hear God and belief in his own innocence.

Facing Crisis Pt.8; Listening for what God will say.
by Pastor Julius Noble Job 32:1-6
Elihu reveals 3 ways that God speaks to most people during that time but Job still desperately wants to hear from God personally, which is different from the ways that were revealed by Elihu.


Dealing with conflicts
by Towanda Noble John 13:35
In this message we learn about why we go thru conflict and we learn correct ways of handling conflict.

Facing Crisis Pt.7 Should we not serve a God like this?
by Pastor Julius Noble Job 26:1-4
Job describes the wonders and outstanding creations of nature and the universe that were made by God and then he reflects on how bad times have come into his life but still he continues to trust in God.


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