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Towanda Noble
Hebrews 9:27 07-05-15
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The coming final judgment by God that every person will one day have to face is covered. The need for every person to have a trusting relationship with God is emphasized.

Recent Media
Allowing God to use you
by Pastor Julius Noble 1John 4:7-11
We learn of God's plan to bless the world with love through his people.

What will you do with Jesus?
by Pastor Julius Noble 1John 4:1-4
We look at John's letter to the church in the year A.D. 90 and learn that it is also relevant to the church in 2015. We discover that what is believed about Jesus is the true foundation of the Gospel.


The Battle to Obey God
by Pastor Julius Noble 1 John 3:9-12
We learn that being born again effects one's behavior for the better and that there is more to being born again than doing acts of righteousness. We learn also that we must have love for others.

God moving us into place
by Towanda Noble Exodus 23:20-22
We learn that God uses Angels to help protect and to provide for His people in seen and unseen ways.


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