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Pastor Julius Noble
John 1:1-5 10-19-14
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In this message of hope we learn how Jesus was present with God at creation. We learn that Jesus was the light given to help against the world's darkness and that he was rejected by many of His own. We learn that Jesus came to bring grace & salvation to the world. We hear the Holy Spirit's revelation to John that Jesus is the Son of God.

Recent Media
Congregation Prayer
by Brigida Noble Young
Brigida Noble Young leads the congregation in prayer

Even More Miracles And God's Glory Cloud
by Evangelist Ray Martin John 17:22Miracle Revival
Evangelist Ray Martin reveals how he learned to get miracles done and that God's blessings and miracles are available to all of God's people.


Brtgida Noble Young praying for congregation prayer request
by Brigida Noble Young
Brigida takes the congregation prayer request and prays for them.

And Even More Miracle Angels
by Evangelist Ray Martin Mark 11:22-24Miracle Revival
In this message Evangelist Ray Martin reveals the importance of speaking positive words of faith and he also covers benefits that come when a person has the Holy Spirit. After praying several people received the ability to speak in tongues and Evangelist Ray prays successfully for someones leg to be miracoulously lengthened.


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