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Pastor Julius Noble
Joshua 6:1-5 07-20-14
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God commands Joshua to have the army of Israel to march around the city of Jericho 7 days to achieve victory. God's reason for having Israel use such an unusual method to win their battle with Jericho is discussed.

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Congregation Testimonies of God's goodness
by Family fellowship Outreach Congregation
Members testify about God's faithfulness to them.

No more negotiating with God
by Pastor Julius Noble Judges 17:1-6
Micah attempts to make a new religion to worship God which wrongly includes worship of pagan idols. After hiring a true Levite priest, Micah wrongly believes that God will bless his worship even though he also worships pagan idols.


Living with the Holy Spirit inside you
by Towanda Noble Smith Acts 2:1-4
This message points out the importance of the Holy Spirit and also the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Laying our lives on the altar for God
by Pastor Julius Noble 1Samuel 2:22-26
Eli's sons refuse to obey God and steal meat from God's sacrifice. Comparatively we also see Isaac not resist being tied up by his father to be willingly laid on an altar before being saved by God. The important difference between Eli and Abraham as fathers was their willingness or unwillingness to tell their sons no.


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