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Towanda Noble
2Timothy 2:1 12-04-16
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Learning to be strong not in your own strength, but in the strength of the Lord.

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Seeking To Look Like Our Father
by Pastor Julius Noble Romans 3:9-18
In this message we answer the following questions; Is it fair when God judges the gentiles who don't know the law as well as the Jews do? And are we required to follow the law of God today?

Seeking To Glorify God, No Matter What Happens
by Pastor Julius Noble Romans 3:1-3
Paul addresses concern that God's plan will fail because of unbelieving Jews and we learn that some people challenge God's right to judge them.


God's Judgment Is Fair And Right
by Pastor Julius Noble Romans 2:12-16
This portion of Paul's letter speaks of the wrong beliefs that Jewish people would be accepted by God no matter what they did sinful and that gentile people needed to emulate Jewish people so that they could be saved.

Patience Through Our Trials And Holding On For Our Rewards
by Towanda Noble James 5:7-11
Holding on thru trials,we learn that trials can reveal what our true relationship with Jesus really is.


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