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Pastor Julius Noble
Romans 1:18-19 09-25-16
Journey Through Romans Audio -

We learn how God's wrath comes because of ungodliness and unrighteousness. We also look at how God responded to king Jeroboam's ungodly act of making gold calves to be worshiped as god.

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The Divine Transfer
by Pastor Julius Noble Romans 1:1-4
We learn that the holy sinless life of Jesus produced power in His death to change the world and to transform the life of Paul.

God Still Raising Hope From The Dead
by Pastor Julius Noble 1Kings 17:17-18
We look at a mother's struggle with trust in God and guilt from her own sin of the past after her son dies.


Enemy Forces Working Against Us
by Pastor Julius Noble 2Corinthians 2:11
Looking at the spiritual battles that we all face and realizing its true source.

Don't Slack On God
by Pastor Julius Noble Joshua 6:20
After their victory over the city of Jericho, God's people lose the next battle because one of their men sinned and did not obey God. We learn the importance of always honoring God with our obedience.


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